Gym Trainer Headset

  • 26 October 2016
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A local fitness studio is going to start using Sonos Play1's for music. However, one of the challenges is that the instructor uses a headset that right now is hooked up to some kind of audio device.

Is there a way to have the headset integrated into the Sonos?

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5 replies

You can use a Sonos CONNECT.
The only thing you have to do is to plug the headset receiver directly to the line out of the CONNECT and group the CONNECT and the PLAY:1s together so they will play the same music simultaneously.

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or an old first generation Play:5 which had headphone output (maybe can pick up cheap on ebay)
Surely a headset is a microphone that needs to go into a line-in for the instructor to speak over the system? I don't see how the music will resume automatically once the instructor has finished speaking, someone would need to resume the music each time. I'm not convinced Sonos is the right answer for this situation.
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Yea you wouldn't have music and mic mixed together
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So, is a pair of Play1's for the music and the receiver of the headset connected to a Play5 an alternative?