grounding a turntable with connect

  • 8 December 2019
  • 1 reply

Loving my connect and turntable (Denon SB-400). The turntable has a built in switchable pre-amp and the connecting RCA lines have a third ground wire attached to their run, to run from the turn table to an external amp (according to the turntable instructions).


anyone know - If I’m using the built in pre-amp do I need to ground the turn table? 

if I still do need to ground it, given the connect does not have a ground, what are the best options?


these maybe are more questions about the turntable, but hoping any connect experts might be able to help

1 reply

Ground is more important when not using the built-in preamp. I recommend ignoring the ground in your application. If there is no significant hum, declare victory and enjoy the music.