Garage Music - Play:5's vs Sonance in-wall & AMP

  • 5 May 2019
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Hello, I'm interested in the best sound, not price, as we're building a home, and I want to do it right. I have the option to install a pair (or any amount really, but a pair for comparison's sake for this post) of the new in-wall sonance speakers, along with an amp in my garage, or hang a pair of play:5's on the wall. Which combo will have the more robust, loud sound, assuming they're both detailed Sonos audio I'm used to? There aren't many comparisons or reviews yet on the in-wall units, so I'm looking for some Sonos staff to chime in here.

I'm thinking in-wall vs in-ceiling units so the sound travels out of the garage a little, lets say if im washing my car in the driveway, and since the garage is rather wide (3 car) and not that tall, i think it will fill the space better if the speakers were projecting horizontally.

Also, i'll most likely put a sub in the garage as well.

2 replies

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I'd be really tempted to go with the Sonos Amp and a pair of the Sonance speakers with the option to go to two more if needed. The Amp's ability to easily switch to mono is a big plus in that type of space.

If you are worried about projecting the sound out to the yard maybe mount them on the back wall in a small soffet? I wouldn't do that myself, too much chance of sound leakage back into the house. Even for ceiling mounted Sonance speakers I'd put them out away from any common walls with your living space.
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I might go with the outdoor speakers in the garage. Your correct that in-ceiling speakers won't project to the driveway that well. I went with this setup more because of the speakers I had available more than anything else, and it's ok, but not ideal. Stanley's point is also valid that speakers in the back wall will leak into the house. Outdoor speakers, won't leak as much, will be easier to install, and will look just fine in a garage.