Flexson Vinlyplay and Sonos Connect

  • 20 December 2016
  • 3 replies

Hi, I'm a fairly new Sonos user but have rapidly acquired 4 Play 1's - which are great for playing music from tidal & spotify. I'm now thinking of getting a Flexson Vinylplay, and am not completely clear whether I need a Connect or a Connect Amp to play the LP's via the Play 1's. I did try out a Play 5 fwiw (didn't connect it to turntable) but actually preferred tge sound of the play 1's, so buying a 5 isn't really an option. Any advice? Thanks.

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3 replies

You'd need something with a Line-In: CONNECT, CONNECT:AMP or PLAY:5. Of those the CONNECT is the cheapest, but still expensive if Line-In is all it's used for.
Thanks, and I agree that it's an expensive way to get line in. Not really in love with the 5, so it's either a connect or buy a non-Sonos amp and speakers and have it as a totally separate system.
Ironically once you have the non-Sonos amp and speakers you'd have a much better case for adding a CONNECT to them.