Fixed lag/delay with reciever+connect

  • 7 July 2021
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Hello all, I have been mostly a lurker here and really appreciate how much info everyone has shared. This morning I solved a pesky problem and wanted to share.

I have several Sonos around the house (using wired connection/SonosNet) but this specific problem relates to my upstairs room where I have an old Yamaha receiver, Sony CD player and Audio Technica turntable wired to a sub and non-powered speakers. The receiver is hooked up to a Sonos Connect. 

In the room are two G1 Play:5s. All this played together well for a couple of years, with no lags when playing LPs or CDs. That started about a month ago. Boo! 

I went through the forums and tried adjusting compression, selecting AutoPlay, changing channels, etc. without success. I thought the lag would just be a fact of life, I would just have to mute either the speakers or 5s when playing discs.

 Then over the weekend I wanted to play a CD with one of the 5s outside. It just kept dropping out and was driving me nuts (y'all know how it is). Unacceptable!

So here's what helped today: 

-my router node was only about 8 feet away from the connect, but downstairs and on the other side of a firewall, with a bunch of other hardware that was likely causing interference. I put a little shelf up so that node is by itself, about 6ft up on the wall.

-I made sure the other node and all my Sonoi are far from potentially interfering gadgets. I put the Connect as far away from my stereo components as I could.

-I went back into the settings for the Connect and turned OFF autoplay. Delay is currently set to Low.

-When i switched from CD to LP for testing I had to hit Play on the controller again. Yes, this might be obvious, so obvious it's easy to miss. Especially when you are seeing red!

It works for now, fingers crossed. I hope someone else finds this helpful.



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Hi @User455388, thanks for sharing this with the Sonos Community!

If you do have any further issues with audio dropping out, or lagging, feel free to either start a new thread here, or reach out to our Support Team via live chat or phone call, and we’ll be happy to help :)