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  • 13 October 2019
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Dear Sonos and Comminity,
I have a new idea for Sonos:
The idea is to launch a subscription. For that subscription you will be able to make your own sonos functionality with like Raspberry PI's. More specefic you build a website where you can enter all your software details like the name and password for your WiFi. Then your site can generate an image what you can put on a SD Card and then put it in a supported device like a Raspberry PI. Then you will be able to get like the sonos multiroom functionality with a Raspberry pi and your own speakers. I know it is not realistic to just give it to the world. So you can make a subscription for like €5 p/m for 2 speakers, €10 p/m for like 8 speakers etc.

This would be so handy for people who already have a speaker system but want to make a sonos compatible one. Alternatives that also will be okay are systems like a Sonos Connect but based on a Raspberry PI without an amplifier built in. So we can connect it to an existing amplifier or an active speaker.

Hope an idea like this or this specefic will come out.


3 replies

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Sonos have the Connect and Amp for this very purpose. Can't see them going for your suggestion, although I like the idea 🙂
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About as likely as a snowball in hell !

In any event you can turn any sonos speaker into a upnp//dnla device. For something like your scheme to work the sub would have to be much higher, and probably separate for each speaker/device.
People have been requesting a "software ZonePlayer" since 2005. It would be commercial suicide and will never happen.

The next best thing is the 'Flex' player rental program which Sonos recently announced.