Feature request: Beam night sound timeout

  • 15 August 2022
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I don’t have many complaints about my Beam, but one thing I’ve found really frustrating is that night mode turns on and stays on indefinitely with no indication outside of the app.

It’s very infrequent that I interact with the app so have found on more than one occasion that after using night sound on an evening, I’d forget to turn it off and it can take me a while to realise why the sound is so sub-par over the next few days.

This is particularly apparent with my older parents who also have a Beam. They are less attuned to the audio balance and so end up leaving night sound on accidentally and compensating by boosting the volume. It’s usually accidentally left on for weeks unless I notice when I visit them.

The fix for this seems fairly simple. Toggling night sound on should (I think) by default timeout the next morning (perhaps with a long press to override). This way night sound mode would automatically disable the next morning so there’s no need to go in and re-adjust settings, i.e. “Night sound on until 6am”.

2 replies

Yes, a daily schedule for both HT ‘night mode’ and ‘speech enhancement’ has been suggested within this forum previously and noted by Staff …and its +1 from me too.

Those two HT features can be turned ‘on’ and ‘off’ with Sonos Voice Control and can be scheduled to switch on/off using 3rd-party Apps, like Soro for iOS, but let’s hope Sonos take note and perhaps also add your request to their existing potential development list.🤞 

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Hello @TheRightOne, thank you for the feedback. I’ve marked this thread as a feature request and I will pass it along to the relevant teams for consideration.