everything conected but no sound

  • 10 January 2017
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Hi all
thanks in advance for any help.
We are an office and had 2 PLAY:1's playing our office music no problem for the past month or so.
Today we added a Playbar for the yet to purchase TV. So we added the Playbar to the system.

it all seems to be added an working. In the sonos software I can see all the speakers , can group them , can change volume etc.

if I select one devise and start playing music to that device then all good I can hear the music. then I group another device and all good I can hear music from both devices, but then after a minute the speaker I added goes silent. This also happens if I add the playbar. all speakers will go dead but the one I first selected to start the music on will stay playing.

So I I set up the playbar to play something and then add the others then after a min the play 1's will go silent.

meanwhile they all appear in the software as if all is ok.

I have tried unplugging everything and restarting the router but no luck

any help welcome

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8 replies

if I play difrent music to each devise then it seems fine, not its intention but it all works individualy.
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HI and welcome to the Sonos Community,

Do you have any of your Sonos products hard wired to your router?

Try it wait 5 mins and then see how it works and let us know.
Thanks!! that seemed to work! all speakers are working now. So will I need to keep one wired now at all times?
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Ok great now you are on SonosNet and it is just a better way to run Sonos. Sonos makes its own network and takes the pressure off your wifi.

You should also check that SonosNet and your Wifi are different channels

But Yes, you need to keep one of your Sonos Products hardwired to stay on SonosNet
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Here is what happened when you plugged one into the router: that one speaker, being physically connected, enabled the Sonos devices to create their own mesh wireless network among themselves for communication and funnel all of their internet traffic through the wired connection to the router. This takes load off the router.

By doing this, you have added a great deal of support for the idea that the intermittent playback of speakers you had been experiencing may be a result of a challenge for each of the devices and/or the router to manage the communication necessary on the wifi signal alone... This can be for many reasons, but one of the most common is substantial wireless interference/noise in the wifi band and channel that the router is attempting to communicate with the Sonos products on. (perhaps neighbouring wifi networks, etc...)

You do have options. You can use a wifi/SSID monitor tool to see local networks (that broadcast their SSIDs) and strengths and find a network for your router to operate that may have less interference, but that assumes you have abilities to manage the router and its broadcast channel, etc... which you may not if this is an office environment?

The "Boost" product is designed to take over the function of creating the SonosNet environment without needing to have an actual Sonos speaker near your router. The Sonos professionals here may be able to help you understand any potential security impacts of this option... since you are creating a small wireless network that is plugged into your network router... I could image some work environments might see this as a concern. (e.g. I know that my office would never never never allow anyone to ever do something like this to any networking element in our environment, but I guess it depends on the nature of the work/office/size, etc.) I'm not saying that it isn't "secure", I simply don't know.

Glad to see you have it working!
thanks you all for your great help. I think ill look to get the boost as you suggest. Thanks again !!
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Just to be clear all Sonos products have a Boost in them. You only need to get a Boost if it is not convenient to wire one of your speakers.