echo... I hear an echo....

  • 8 November 2016
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I'm always pleased to receive updates to my Sonos software.
To be honest though, I've not really seen any major changes since I've been using the kit... 8years. It's not Spotify integration that interests me, it's seeing other products coming to market that offer voice control functionality. Whilst I absolutely know the quality of the Sonos sound is excellent, it's becoming increasingly the case that I'm looking to the feature rich alternatives, that perhaps give an overall better package. For me, voice integration is a natural progression... even if that isn't directly via the Sonos units, but via my smart phone. I think Sonos could end up being left behind in the wider environment - sound quality isn't the only consideration of most users.

John 🙂

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4 replies

I think you aren't keeping up to date. Alexa integration is in the works.
Since Sonos was the very first multi-room music system to announce voice control support as a high priority, followed by the announcement that it will be coming early next year in the form of Echo/Alexa integration, I can't see how Sonos could ever be seen as "being left behind". In fact, they are very much in the forefront.
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Yes - sounds like he hasn't kept up to date on Sonos and Alexa integration coming.

There actually have been a good deal of changes on the Sonos front over the last few years. New hardware, surround sound, sub, trueplay (which is really good), addition of streaming music residing on mobile device, first with Apple Music, etc.
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Excellent audio
Easy control
Access to my music, radio stations and the major streaming services.
Surround sound for my TV

I'm not interested in "Feature rich" nonsense - Most of the so called alternatives you mention last a few months and then disappear.

That's not to say there aren't improvement that could/should be made:-

- Finally fix listening to BBC radio stations (iPlayer integration?)
- Decent podcast integration
- Fix audible

I think we forget that at the end of the day we're talking about Hi-Fi quality speakers. Anything other than being able to play the music you want when you want is just fluff and bubbles. I mean people are seriously suggesting that if they can't talk to their Sonos speakers they are going to go else where!