Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization for Amp

  • 2 October 2021
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Picked up an Amp for home theater use and have been really impressed with the phantom center. Really liking the full sound of large speakers and a powered sub better than the Arc in my living room. I know that current A/V receivers with Atmos support also offer Atmos Height Virtualization, which seems like it would be a perfect fit for the Amp home theater use case. Any idea if that feature would be possible with gen 3 hardware and/or has been discussed as on the table for a future update?

4 replies

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What would “gen 3 hardware” be? The Amp is now in gen 1?

The most current version. As far as I know, there were two iterations of Connect:Amp that did not have HDMI prior to the current black style.

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Okay. I'd name generations for devices that use the same name, i.e. Play:5 (Gen 1 of Gen 2). In this sense the Five is not a Play:5 (Gen 3) and the Amp is not an Connect:amp (Gen 3).

To your question. Reading Dolby Atmos: what is it? How can you get it? | What Hi-Fi? ( adding  Atmos Height Virtualization looks be a software change, which would make it doable for Sonos. No idea if they plan it, though.

I’d love to see virtual/actual Atmos support on a next gen Amp… especially if it allowed you to use an additional pair of eg One SLs or Sonance in-ceilings as downfiring height speakers, and/or any new upfiring Ones as surrounds, to give at least 4.1.2.  I’d even take a bit of a size increase hit of the Amp body too to get us there.