Does ZP80 or ZP100 support TruePlay? The support article suggests it.

  • 13 June 2022
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My guess is no, but the Sonos support article is not clear.

At, it says: “Trueplay tuning is supported by all Sonos products except Port, Connect, and Roam SL.”

The article also specifically mentions Amp and Connect:Amp as specifically supporting TruePlay (under certain conditions).

I kind of doubt the ZP80 and ZP100 have any magical TruePlay powers that their later iterations don't. The possibilities seem to be:

  • ZP80 and ZP100 do not support TruePlay at all.
  • ZP100 supports TruePlay in the same specific configurations that Amp and Connect:Amp do. ZP80, like Connect and Port, does not support TruePlay.
  • ZP80 and ZP100 do, in fact, support TruePlay, without qualifications. (Seems very unlikely, but it’s what the language of the article implies.)

(The article also does not make clear whether TruePlay is supported by both generations of Connect:Amp, or only Gen 2, another issue it would be nice to have clarity regarding.)

Can anyone shed any light? Thanks!


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Hi @Ivan X,


For all intents and purposes, ZP80 is considered the same as a Connect, and the ZP100 is considered the same as a Connect:Amp. Therefore the guidance in the article for those two devices would apply to the ZP80 and ZP100. 

While functionally similar, CONNECT is a renamed ZP90 and CONNECT:AMP is a renamed ZP120. ZP100 and ZP80 are earlier products.

Note that Trueplay supports some SONANCE speakers, not 3rd party speakers in general.



Thank you James.