Does Sonos support our needs?

  • 4 December 2016
  • 4 replies

1. Play radio directly from the box without any app or external device connected
2. Play different songs in every room
3. Each box can be controlled by seperate device at the same time and play different songs
4. Play the same song in all rooms controlled by ONE device

I assume that number one is the only thing that is not supported. Is that correct?

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4 replies

#1, you can resume playing from the Sonos player by pressing a button on it without any external app or device.
#2 to #4. Yes to all. But all controllers can control all speakers at all times
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a bit more. We have over 15 different devices that have the Sonos app on them. Once you make a selection (like Pandora) the Speaker (not "box") direct connects to the source (like Sound Cloud) and the device you used to make the selection can be turned off and the speakers will still play.

In real world terms, When my kids are listening to music in their rooms and it is too loud, I can turn it down with any device I find first. The kids know now that they they cannot turn it back up.

Love my Sonos System!
And voice control will soon be an option