DIY fix to ZP100

  • 16 September 2017
  • 2 replies

Hi! I have two terminal posts snapped off a zp 100. Sonos will not supply spare parts. They will do a out of warranty replacement, for a fee. I don't really need a new amplifier, all I need is to connect two loudspeaker cables to the slightly broken amp I have.

Has anyone any experience of sourcing and fitting replacement terminal posts? Or, failing that, removing the cover and soldering the speaker cables into place?


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2 replies

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It will end your out of warranty support but you can buy similar terminals from almost any electronics supply outlet. Taking the Amp apart and replacing them isn't rocket science but you will need to find instructions somewhere or proceed very carefully on your own to keep from breaking things worse.

I'd think about the risks of damage during the repair or another failure of some sort later, versus the cost of the Sonos offered service and do what makes you comfortable. Home repair also lowers the resale value to nearly zero unless you find a buyer that doesn't understand the situation.
Have the same issue. Was easy to take the amp apart. Mine is out of warranty so it was a no brained to open it up. Have not found a matching spring loaded terminal post. Wondering if someone else has been able to source the correct posts?