Denon X3700H to Sonos port and speakers

  • 16 March 2022
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Hello all,

I’m looking to improve the sound in my golf simulator room by using some of my spare Sonos play 1 speakers which I was hoping to link to my Denon 3700H AVR. I would be obliged if someone could take a look at the connections on the back of the AVR and advise whether this can be connected to a Sonos Port or similar and indeed how I would do so? Many thanks in advance.



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1 reply

Depends more on what sort of signal you expect to get out of the system. In general, I’d connect the Sonos Port to the Zone 2 outputs, with the understanding that many Amps don’t pass a digital connection, like the HDMI inputs to the second zone. That output would be line level, which is what the Sonos is looking for. Check your manual for the Denon to be sure, there are a few that can pass a digital output on to Zone 2, but they’re relatively few and far between. 

Pretty much everything else on that device is either an input, or an amped speaker connection that wouldn’t be appropriate to push through a Sonos Port. 

There’s no way, if you’re thinking of trying, to push a 5.1 signal through the Sonos Port, it’s only a stereo device. 

You’d set up the Port as your line in connected to the Denon, and then could add the Sonos PLAY:1s as either single “rooms” or stereo “rooms” in the Sonos software to play the input on the Sonos Port.