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  • 2 March 2017
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I have a Play 5 connected by Ethernet to Virgin Media Hub 3 and 2 play 1s connected wirelessly as a stereo pair. They are all used in the one room. I have constant audio drop outs on all devices or the Play 5 will just completely stop and disappear from the app. The play 1s also disappear from the app. I use my iPod IOS 9.3 and Sonos 7.2. Sometimes it will work for about an hour with no problems, other times for a few minutes. I have tried changing the channels on Sonos and the router but it makes no difference. Constant drop outs whilst also using line in and sending the audio uncompressed to the Play 1s. Would a Sonos bridge help with this problem?
Diagnostic number 7130228

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5 replies

While you're waiting for someone from Sonos to look at that diagnostic, may I ask how far the speakers are from your router? Any of them, not just the Play:5. It sounds to me like you've potentially got wifi interference. Normally speaking, at least a couple of feet (oh, Virgin media, make that a meter or so) away from the router. You might want to check for other devices that might inject wifi interference. They often talk about wireless printers, DECT phones, web cams, etc.

You've already done the obvious things (changing the channels that the router and Sonosnet works on), and submitted a diagnostic, so you're already heading in a good direction.

The other potential might be IP conflicts, but let's see what Sonos says when they look at your diagnostic.

A bridge would only help if the speakers were too far away from your router to get a good signal, and besides, right now, your Play:5 is operating as a Bridge, since you have it connected to the router with an ethernet cable. Since everything is in one room, I wouldn't spend any money on a Bridge, unless something peculiar shows up for the Sonos folks.
Thanks for your reply. The play 5 is about a metre away from the router and the stereo pair 1s are 10 foot and about 14 foot away from the router. They are all on WM:0. Once again last night the Play 5 just stops working and disappears off the controller after about 15 minutes.
Well, then we wait for the guys at Sonos to look at that diagnostic, then. Although you didn't mention about anything that might be creating wifi interference, which would still occur, even if you're on Sonosnet (which is still a wifi signal).
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Hello Crybo,

It appears the details for your wireless network have been entered into the system. As of the diagnostic 7130228 both PLAY:1s were showing as connected to the wireless provided by the router and not over SonosNET. This also could be a result of a fault in the ethernet cable in use. Are you able to try changing the ethernet cable between the PLAY:5 and your router?

Once you can see all three components in the system, WM:0 in the "about my Sonos system" section, I would like you to try the following. Navigate to settings>advanced>wireless setup> in your Sonos controller app
Click Next until it shows you your wifi Network and prompts you to enter the Password. Do not enter the password, instead, you should also see a Reset Button, please click on the Reset Button. This will remove the wifi details from the system and will ensure that everything is talking to the SonosNET.

Let me know if you continue to have issues after giving this a try.
Thanks for the reply. I had another thread where the sonos staff who answered thinks it is a hardware problem with the Play 5. But I will try your suggestions tomorrow and change the Ethernet cable. I am unable to go into wireless setup as it tells me that I have to get a boost or wire directly to the router, which I have done.