Connection Amp to Bose Lifestyle v35

Does anyone know if the Sonos Amp supports connection to Bose Lifestyle V35

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Hi. I think you had better explain what you want to achieve. As I understand it, the V35 is a home theatre system (?). If so I can't think what you would want to do with another amplifier.
I’d like to connect it to the sonos eco system. Maybe even remove the Bose amp and use the jewel speakers with the Sonos Amp.
The Sonos amp cannot connect directly to your jewel speakers. It looks like the Bose amp does have RCA outputs, so it should be able to send audio the Sonos amp. However, the Sonos amp does not have any outputs (other than the speaker terminals), so you would not be able to get your Bose amp to play whatever the Sonos amp is playing, when Sonos initiates playbacl.

The product designed for this scenario is the Connect. It has the inputs and outputs to connect to the Bose amp so that it can effectively be in the Sonos eco system. However, given the age of the Bose, you might want to consider just replacing the Bose with an ungraded setup rather than replacing it.
Typically, BOSE speakers assume that the BOSE amplifier provides custom equalization tailored to the speakers. If the replacement amplifier does not provide this equalization, the speakers will not work well. In the case of AMP, it may be possible to feed an equalized signal to AMP from the BOSE central unit and then on the the Jewels, however, if you are playing music that originates from AMP, the custom equalization will be missing.

Using CONNECT as a miscellaneous source for the BOSE system is the best plan if you want to continue using the BOSE system.
Thank you everyone for the suggestions and recommendations. Appreciate it!