Connecting non Sonos products

  • 30 October 2016
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I have a Sonos system set up in my home, I also have an amp that connects my turntable and two additional non Sonos speakers. Today I have purchased a Sonos Connect in order for me to connect my Sonos to system to the non Sonos amp mentioned above. Is it possible to connect all of these up or would I need the Sonos connect amp? Your help would be most appreciated

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2 replies

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The connect will hook to your current system. You have the correct product. Your amp you hook the connect output to an input on the amp like cd. The amp probanaly has analog outs that say tape out record and that would hook the the input of the connect to play your phone graph etc to other Sonos speakers in house.
I've never understood why people ask these questions AFTER they've spent the money. As it is you're fine, plug the line-out of the Connect into a spare input on your amplifier (but NOT the phono input!), this will allow you to use Sonos with the existing amp and speakers and then, optionally, take a line-out from your amp and plug it into the Connect's line-in, this will allow you to play the turntable etc through your other Sonos devices.