connecting multiple wired recievers with sonos connect

i am purchasing a sonos connect to attach to a nad 388 amplifier in order to stream music from my synology nas to the nad amplifier i also have two onkyo recievers which are hard wired to the router. i could use the onkyo streaming app to stream music on the nas storage device to those amplifieers but would prefer to use the sonos app to do this. do i need to buy multiple sonos connects to connect to each onkyo reciever or could i stream from the connect which is attached to the nad amplifier to the onkyo recievers?

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You have to have a way to get the audio to the Onkyo receivers. Pretty much every one would need a connect (creating 3 zones) - only other way would be if you could wire multiple ones from a single connect (distance wise I don't know if any are near each other).
would having a sonos playbar in proximity to all three amps help. also all the speakers connected to the two onkyo amps pass thru a niles sms 10 speaker distribution system
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No and doesn't matter.

Consider using the Connect TOS / Optical output and a three way splitter going to your receivers.
thanks i could use a tos splitter but no way now to run the wires to the 2 onkyo amp
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I really hate long RCA runs, the only other option, and a three way split on top of that is likely gonna hum like mad so that is no way to go.

Multiple Connects may be your only option.


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