connecting a yamaha yas-207 soundbar?

  • 28 September 2019
  • 8 replies

I had to replace my Samsung sound bar and have a Yamaha has-207 soundbar to replace it. I plugged my optical cable into my cable box and need to connect My sound bar to my Sonos connect. I plugged th a cable into my sound bar and the OUT L and R plugs in my connect and have no sound. Does anyone know how I can get my home audio to include my new sound Bar?

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8 replies

Paul, your post isn’t quite clear to me, but are you saying that you plugged your cable box 'optical out' to the 'optical out' on your Sonos Connect... obviously that won’t work. See this image (attached), which (hopefully) may assist you, or you may just need to clarify what you have done exactly.
In an example setup, you could perhaps link a “cable box” to say a TV via HDMI cable and also link the 'Connect' to the TV via ‘RCA Analog’ (Audio-In on the Connect device to an RCA Audio-Out on the TV).

Then use either the digital coax, optical or RCA Analog (Audio Out) connections from the ‘Connect’ to any Receiver/Speakers or Soundbar... but obviously it depends on what connections are available to each of your devices.

Externally, there is only 1 (RCA) audio input on the 'Connect', but it has 3 different audio outputs (RCA/Optical/Coax).

Hope that Assists.
Thanks so much for your Replies! I will clarify.

i connected my optical cable on my sound bar to my cable tv box. The tv sound works fine. I then connected the av cable to the analog plug on my sound bar and the L and R plugs to the sound out plugs on my connect and am not getting any sound on my sound bar.

Thanks again for the help! Does this clarify what I have done?
Are what you call “AV plugs” on your soundbar... RCA Audio-Out or In?.. check your manual, they might hopefully be “Audio Line In”.

Also, what are you trying to achieve, just need to clarify that?

Are you trying to the play TV (cable box) audio to your Sonos devices, or looking to play Sonos Sources like Tune-In radio etc.out to your Soundbar?
If you are trying to play Sonos audio sources to your Soundbar, like I think you are, and the connections are correct, this is what you will need to do to go onto quickly test things...

Open the Sonos App and select the 'Connects’ ‘Room Name' from the “Rooms” Tab on the bottom bar in the App

Next goto “Tune-In Radio”, which you should find on the “Browse” Tab from the bottom bar of the App and select a radio station to play. You should be able to see it playing in the App.

It may play on your Soundbar, but you will most probably have to also select the “AV” port (as you called it) (AUX?) as your audio-input source for your Soundbar in order to hear the playing radio station in the Sonos room and perhaps check your volume levels too, both in the Sonos App and on your Soundbar volume control.
Another possibility might be to take the optical out of the TV and plug it into the Connect. If it works you would need an optical switch to avoid the physical change.
Note - you would still need to follow Ken's guidance to make sure something is playing through the Connect.

I will just very briefly mention, that if you are also looking to play the TV/Cable Box audio on your Sonos devices, over the ‘Connects’ RCA Analog audio line-in, which is also possible in many cases, that the TV audio is buffered/delayed by Sonos (for syncing over WiFi etc.) and you may see a small delay, compared to the audio out to the internal/external (Soundbar) TV Speakers and also it may not lip-sync with what you see on the TV screen, but the Connect is often able to play the TV audio, just to mention that fact, if you can get the Analog Audio out from your TV or Cable Box to the Input on the Connect.

I have to go, as it’s late here, but hopefully there’s plenty of information above for you to consider.