ConnectAmp with Surrounds and Turntable

  • 10 January 2017
  • 3 replies

I just replaced my old home theater with a Sonos Playbar & Sub. I am using the ConnectAmp to power my ceiling rear surrounds. I've also hooked up my turntable preamp to the ConnectAmp Line In. When I try to access, I do not get the option to use the Line In. Can you wire both rear surrounds and a turntable to the ConnectAmp? Is there a special configuration needed?

My workaround was to put the turntable on my old Connect Line In and it works. But it doesn't seem right that I would need to have this extra equipment - the ConnectAmp should support both. Any suggestions?

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3 replies

Can you wire both rear surrounds and a turntable to the ConnectAmp?
No, the Line-In is disabled when a CONNECT:AMP is driving surrounds.
I think Sonos should be more forthcoming about that fact. I bought the ConnectAmp thinking I could do both based on the documentation. Maybe I am missing it, but I don't see anything that says that. So now I have to have an extra piece of equipment in the mix 😞
The Subwoofer output and Line-In connections are disabled when using the CONNECT:AMP in this configuration.

Either stick with the CONNECT's Line-In, or get a cheap ADC and a TOSLINK switch. You can then send the turntable signal into the PLAYBAR.