Connect with Denon AVR 2312CI

  • 14 December 2017
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Hi all. I tried searching a bit, but haven’t found a direct answer to my question.

I currently have a Connect hooked up by optical to my Denon. I can play anything through the Sonos controller just fine.

I’m wondering how I get my TV sound currently running through the Denon back out to the Sonos in other room. I know I need a line out on the Denon to go to the line in on the Sonos.

On the back of my receiver I have an Out and a Pre Out. The Out is labeled DVR and the Pre Out is labeled Zone2 for adding other zones with the Denon. I’ve tried running through the DVR portion and setting the line in on the Connect, but I can’t get TV sound to other zones. I read somewhere that people were using Zone2 Out, but then skimmed an article where someone said not to as it could damage the Connect.

Can someone shed some light on what is needed?


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1 reply

Hello community. I’m still searching for an answer to this issue. However I realize now this was posted in the wrong section. I meant to post this in Components.

Could a moderator please move this topic to the appropriate section?