Connect volume low when grouped with other Sonos speakers

  • 5 April 2017
  • 3 replies

I have a Connect hooked up to an amp that powers some outdoor speakers. When I select the speakers to play by themselves the speakers work great and the volume works perfectly.

However, when I create a group with my 3 other speakers (Play 1's and Play 3), the volume drops considerably and I am unable to turn it up to an acceptable level. (even after maxing out the amp and the volume level in the SOnos app.)

Any ideas as to why this is happening?

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3 replies

Submit a diagnostic to Sonos when this problem is present, and post the number here. Sending an email to Support with the problem description and the diagnostic mentioned is also a good idea.

I have never come across this problem, and there is a chance that someone else has of course, but I would go the diagnostic route.

There is one thing to try though; move the Connect to fixed level mode, where the volume will be controlled entirely by the amp and see what happens in grouped mode.
Did you get it solved - I have the exact same issue. Connect works wonderfull on its own; but when grouped the volume goes down to a fraction (like no proper signal is being sent to the amp)
I did get it solved. I tried every grouping iteration possible until I found one that worked.

For example:

Started with Living Room speaker and the added additional speakers one by one so Living Room speaker was the 'parent' of the group.

Then I started with Dining Room speaker as the 'parent' and added additional speakers one by one.

And so on...until I found a combo that worked.