Connect left/right balance

  • 2 October 2019
  • 3 replies

I am using the analog out to a stereo amp, going to several sets of speakers. When I have the app balance set in the middle, I am getting 80% of the sound out of the right channel and 20% out of the left. I can rectify this by pushing the balance way to the left speaker, obtaining a 50/50 split. I am wondering why I need to do this - shouldn't the split be 50/50 with the balance control dead center? I have checked al of the connections. It also happens with every set of speakers, and is not being caused buy the amp (the amp has LED's showing input levels for each channel) so I know it is emanating from the Connect. And this happens whether the output is variable or fixed (in the app).

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3 replies

I would check the cable between the Connect and your amp. Is there any damage? Do you have a spare cable you can use to see if that corrects the issue.

If that's not the issue, you could get a diagnostic with Sonos. Post the number here, or contact Sonos another way, to get a response.

I also wouldn't completely trust that your amp is working correctly. I'd check out that company's forums for reported issues, or maybe log an issue with them as well.
I'll try switching out the cable and check if there are any reported issues with the amp. It's a Pyle 2x75 solid state amp - I have several of them and have never had an issue before. Thanks.
On the back of the Connect swap the RCA plugs left-right. If the problem switches sides the issue is upstream of those connections, almost certainly in the Connect itself,

There have been a few reports of faults in the Connect analog outs. An obvious workaround is to use an inexpensive external DAC, wired to one of the digital outs.