Connect inputs and potential feedback

  • 23 January 2018
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So, I'm planning my new listening system for my master bedroom, and the amp I'm getting (I hope), the Billie Amp from Kickstarter, has Bluetooth among it's many inputs. The system will be composed of the amp, speakers, a turntable and a connect. Between the Bluetooth and the turntable, those are two sources I might like to have available in other rooms, so I'm considering using the line-level outputs to feed back into the Connect.

Naturally, this brings with it the possibility of a circular signal path - if the output of the Connect is feeding into the amplifier's preamp section, and then the output of the preamp goes directly into the same Connect, it appears that if I ever accidentally choose the Line-In on the Connect as the source for the Connect to play, and the amplifier has that input selected, I will likely get an increasing feedback signal. Has anyone ever done this? Does it indeed create feedback, or does the Connect have any kind of failsafe inside to detect damaging signals and shut down the line-in?

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