Connect CI - product idea / upgrade

  • 13 March 2015
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Connect units are only wireless currently. With ability to go hard-wired, this flexibility would open up a wealth of new possibilities for utilizing Sonos in custom integration applications.

Typically, multi-zone stereo amplifiers are hidden in racks, while the speakers are frequently in-wall / in-ceiling variety.

By creating slender (vertical) Connect CI units which could be hardwired (1 direct connection to mesh with the rest daisy-chained), the multiple Sonos zones are implemented in a convenient rack mount location where they can be plugged directly into the amplifier via RCA or digital (if amp so equipped) IN.

Most people like Sonos' backbone / UI / control for the system; however, from there, product choice and performance is constrained and the wireless-only implementation is visible (great advertising for Sonos but low WAF).

Since the avg # of zones in many homes is 6, at current MSRP, this represents over $2,000 of Connect business alone.

1 reply


First post! Welcome to the forums.

Note that SONOS prefers that product ideas be posted at These are user forums and SONOS does not often post here.

Also, none of the current SONOS products are wireless only. All current products offer at least one network port. While you can configure the system to use WiFi and be completely wireless, I recommend using SonosNet -- requiring at least one wired unit.