Connect As Stand alone System?

  • 12 December 2020
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I have a Connect Turntable in my system that I’d like to give to my son (along with two Play:1) so that he can connect his turntable with built-in amp at his apartment.  Will this work if these are the only components he has in his “system”?




4 replies

I’m not sure what a Connect turntable is, Sonos has never, to my recollection, made such a device. 

Would you be able to provide additional clarity on what it is you have?

For instance, if it is a CONNECT, along with a pre-amp, a turntable (or a turntable with a built in pre-amp)  and a pair of PLAY:1s, yes, they’ll all work fine together. 

I have a CONNECT.  Sorry for the confusion.


So CONNECT to a turntable with built-in pre amp and PLAY:1’s would be the set-up

Yes, although the signal path would be turntable pre amp wired to Connect and then wirelessly to the Play 1 units.

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And remember, unless you Connect is built after 2015, all devices should be on S1 software.