Connect and Turntable playback

  • 9 August 2019
  • 3 replies

Apologies for asking this again. We have a One, 3 Play 1’s, 5 Play 3’s, a Sub, a Connect and a beam. All components work brilliantly, except the connect. We have a turntable connected to the connect. When playing vinyl, the signal drops out intermittently. I’ve tried disconnecting the wifi on the connect and I’ve connected it directly to my router via Ethernet. This hasn’t helped though. Please help.

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3 replies

First, when you say 'disconnected the wifi', what do you mean please? If you mean you have gone into the Connect room settings and under 'Advanced Room' disabled wifi, please go back and undo this.
Either way, please check that the line-in compression is set to 'compressed' not 'uncompressed' or 'Auto'.
Also, try switching the Line-In type to "Airplay". This will increase the buffer size, helping to curb dropouts. You can type over the "Airplay" name to change it to something more appropriate.