Connect:AMP (ZP100) will act as bridge but doesn't show connection on Sonos App.

  • 14 January 2017
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Recently, my ZP100 that I used outside (for the past 8 years) was continually dropping out so I tried to clean it, blow out the dust and moved it inside. Still it would drop out. So i thought maybe it is the mesh connection and moved it to be the unit that connects to my router in my home office. That seemed to work but then it still dropped out. However, weirdly, it can act as the base unit for all the rest of my mesh (7 other units) but basically doesn't show up on the Sonos app nor does it play music in my home office. SO, short situation, it works fine as the base unit but drops off the Sonos app and doesn't play music. I have done factory resets etc.

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