Connect:AMP digital input

  • 18 December 2013
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To use the Connect:amp as a complete living room audio solution, it needs a digital input with its next hardware update. For example I would like to hookup my passive speakers to my TV, without having to manually turn on my receiver. In that case I would need digital input in the connect:AMP for easy setup, and then I wouldnt need a receiver at all and be able to stream music through the connect:amp without having to turn on the TV. It could be done just with a fiber optic input port, or even better with hdmi pass through. Of course with support for digital audio content like DTS. (I know that the playbar will do the job, but want to use my existing speakers)

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52 replies

Would a "simple" stereo digital input onto the sonos connect (either 'normal' and amp) be difficult to implement?

I believe it wouldn't. As a manner of fact, I believe that the point where the digital audio signal would have to enter the unit, is already there "waiting" for us to inject the signal.

Forgive me, but this sounds a bit like the alleged 'hidden headphone jack' on the iPhone7, waiting to be exposed using a 3.5mm drill...

The AD converter could well be entirely integrated into some other chip, and even if it were a discrete component how precisely would you interface with the tracks on the PCB? For Sonos this would be a substantial hardware respin either way.
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Well, I believe that for some of us with not that much knowledge of electronics, it would be a rather difficult task, but for the advanced user with good knowledge on electronics, this would be something not that difficult to do.