connect amp connections.

  • 12 December 2016
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I have 5 connect amps and all were working in sync, and then connect amp 1 stopped playing. I did all the trouble shooting stuff. disconnect plug, plug in after two minutes. Unplugged Router. I even attempted to reinstall. In every instance connect amp 1 shows up on controller briefly and plays for maybe five seconds and cuts off. When I check connect amp. it's flashing white. any suggestions

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9 replies

I don't have one myself, but you may want to consider the possibility that the power supply is failing. I'd call Sonos, were I you, and chat with them, they're very good about troubleshooting over the phone.
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I had this issue once with my Connect:Amp and it was an IP address issue.

I would turn off all wifi devices on network and all Sonos units.

If you know how I would go in and give that (actually all) sonos device a fixed IP address at the top or outside normal range your router gives out.

Then reboot router and turn all back on again.

You never know what other wifi device in your house has that duplicate IP address and messing it all up.
Thanks, Bruce. I'll give a shot.
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who is Bruce?
Thank you Chris. I had some issues and recently sent some people out to fix. That may be where the problem lies.
Someone else that replied regarding my concern. Got mixed up. Thanks for your help
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Your welcome
It worked!! I'm back in business. Thanks, Dewd
I'm Bruce. And so's my wife!

(obscure Monty Python reference)

And yes, Chris is indeed the one who had the correct answer 🙂