Connect amp connection to speakers problem

Sonos Connect-Amp. I have been given a brand new one of these with no box or instructions. in my house, I currently have 2 x Sonos 1, 2 x Sonos 5, and a Sonos 3. These are all controlled by the Sonos app on my I pad, all of which I love. I have plugged in the Connect-Amp to a power point and wired my trusty pair of Tannoy Eclipse speakers into the Connect Amp. I then added the new component to my system via the Ipad app. However, the Connect Amp isn't showing up on the volume control part of the app when adjust volume across all components, and there is no sound coming out. Have I done something wrong, can you help? Many thanks and kindest regards, Peter

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As it was unboxed you don't know the current state it originally came in.  I would do a factory reset on it and add back to system the way you did previously.  Looks like you did everything right.

Factory Reset Sonos component:
Disconnect the power cord and leave it disconnected for at least ten seconds. Hold down the Mute or Play/Pause button, depending on which Sonos component you are using, and reconnect the power plug. Continue holding the Mute or Play/Pause button until the status indicator light begins to flash amber. Once the indicator light begins flashing amber, let go of the button. Eventually it will start flashing green and white simultaneously, meaning it is factory reset and ready to add back to your Sonos System.
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Hello User911014,

It may be that the new CONNECT:AMP needs an update prior to being completely added to the system. Do you see any lights on the device (solid white light, green and white, green light)?

Please submit a diagnostic and I'll be happy to take a look. Please reply back with your number here. We can take a look and see if the system is recognizing it at all.