Connect amp and room speaker volume.

  • 2 August 2018
  • 4 replies

I have 4 connect amps, the oldest is 5yo, all have the same speakers, same distance from the amp, all playing the same grouped music. On one amp the volume is 30% and crystal clear, the next is 50% for the same volume and sounds a little muffled. All the amps are at different Volume % for the same sound?.

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4 replies

It isn't the distance from the amp that matters, it is the distance of the speakers from the listening position. If this is the same, and all speakers are in similar indoor environments, the sound levels should be the same at given positions of the sliders.

Also, all are in the same EQ settings?
Thank you, i agree. All in the roof at the same distance. All the EQ are the same, Could it be the old connect amp is more powerful as this is the one that is only at 30% volume.
From your first post, it appeared that there is no odd man out; but if there is one such, it is noteworthy. There has been no change in the spec for Connect Amp for all the time it has been sold, but if one is delivering sound levels at 30% that others need to be at 50% for, mark it down as an aberration that need not be addressed as long as that is all there is.
If you want to do some research, try moving the more "powerful" piece around, and see if the effect moves with it.