Components to integrate with wired speakers and Elan S6 system

  • 24 September 2019
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Amp at main TV is going out at the main greatroom. I have Directv DVR, an Apple TV, Xbox connected to three speaker desk top type speakers, I have similar setup in tv area in lower level, TVs in master, and three guest rooms and in screened in room off master BR. I have a six zone Elan S6 controller /amplifier audio system with key pads, volume controls, and wired speakers in each zone and sub zones; main zone covers great room, kitchen, dining, entry, laundry room, one guest room and outside deck today I only run a 2nd Apple tv connected directly to Elan to stream my music. I need to replace my pioneer elite AVR but was thinking of integrating Sonos components so I could stream music service, music from my iTunes, and push main tv/ Apple TV sound to wired wall/ceiling speakers outside deck to deck. I was thinking of replacing rec/amp I have in lower level tv area at same time.

Can i replace my AVR with Sonos amps at both locations and add a Sonos Port connected to the Elan system as a component. Then connect Apple TV my 2nd Apple TV direct to Port and use it to stream music, audio books, or streaming services?

tried to boil the info down hope it’s clear enough to get some help.

My son son thought I should buy new AVR’s for both locations, then add Sonos sound bars to two primary tv’s and another to Elan system, then link thru Sonus app.



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4 replies

Is the ELAN controlling all of the TV's and receivers? Do you have the capability of reprogramming the ELAN?

I assume that all of the video sources are connected to the local receivers. If this is the case, when you replace receivers with SONOS soundbars, you'll need to connect all of the video items to the TV's.and use the TV for video input selection. Is this practical?

Any audio source connected to any SONOS unit's Line-In can be played in any combination of rooms.
The Elan is the older “audio only” system. Tv’s are separate and stand alone today but I push sound to existing wired speakers. I heard from another poster and talked to sonos - So combining what they both said they seem to recommended I buy a newer Pioneer AVR to replace one going bad, said sonos has partnered with pioneer and new ones are designed interface with Sonos system. Then he suggested I put a Sonos Port at each tv. Then add a Port as a component to the Elan system just like any audio input. If I keep my 2nd Apple TV connected to Elan I can then either stream thru Elan amp sonos or the Apple TV.

Sounds reasonable to me. Sonos Tech wasn’t confident simply using the new sonos amp alone to replace my failing Pioneer Elite AVR would work. Also suggest I consider including the Boost comment to help get Sonos a dedicated parallel signal from my router, but I will probably just connect Ethernet to Port at my main tv and Port connecting direct Elan zone system.
In many respects BOOST is simply a PORT with the audio section removed in order to save costs. BOOST is handy to provide a network connection point where it is not practical to wire to a player, or to fill-in otherwise "dark" areas for SonosNet coverage. The "fill-in" BOOST can be wired or wireless. Unless you have a SonosNet coverage problem, since you can wire a player, BOOST is redundant. I recommend wiring as many units as is practical. Wired is always faster and more robust than wireless.
Thank you for adding clarity about Boost. I did connect everything directly with Ethernet cables. I am still struggling on how to get audio out of my pioneer elite vex-LX504. I connected one Sonos Port into Pioneer Zone 2 out and the other to my Elan system as another input component. That’s my project for today is to get it to work. To my Pioneer I connected an Apple TV to stream my music library, my TV (I would like to be able send sound out to other rooms, and an Xbox.

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