Compatibility of Connect:Amp with bookshelf speakers

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does connect:amp supports B&W CM1 S2?

Currently i'm using Rotel RC series system in my lounge but i want to convert all my music to digital format and get rid of multi unit system.

Waiting for your response and support.



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fareed wrote:

does connect:amp supports B&W CM1 S2?

I don't see why not. Those speakers are 8Ω nominal impedance (minimum 4Ω).
Old thread here but how if the connect amp and the b&w cm1 s2 speakers sound? Looking at that Set up for my office area. Thanks in advance!
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Very good setup
You will want a SUB to get the best sound with that setup. Makes a HUGE difference :D
Thanks all!

Would you prefer the b&w cm1 s2 or kef ls50? No sub will be involved as it’s an office situation for music only.
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I've always been a B&W sound fan.
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It is a matter of personal preference. Best decided by listening to the options before deciding. And many cheaper speakers of today also do a very good job and are probably more value for money. Dali Zensor 1 or 3 as an example, though they tend to be expensive in the US.

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