change of digital cable format from Connect to Port.

  • 16 September 2020
  • 2 replies

I have recently received my new “Port” which I have bought to replace my “Connect” as Sonos told me the Connect will not be supported anymore and cannot be upgraded to S2 - when I have gone to unplug the Connect from the back of my Amp and tried to plug in the new “Port” - I discovered that my optical cable has no-where to plug in - the Port only has a digital coaxial cable socket ! As far as I understand it Digital coaxial is much older than digital optical and also a lot less common. So my first question is WHY has Sonos done this ? My second question is, why is there no Digital coaxial cable supplied with this device - given that most people will be switching over as I am doing, surely Sonos should have highlighted the different cable requirements and given at least explanation why they have taken what appears to be a step backwards in technology ? 

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2 replies

Hi. There is no sense in which coaxial is inferior to optical. In my experience coaxial is by far the more common digital connection on hifi amps, which is the primary use case for the Port. I cannot speak for AV receivers.

A coaxial to optical converter costs very little so you have a solution.

And digital is digital, no matter what the method of conveyance.