CD Player with Sonos system

I have a Sonos system made of 2 Play 5 and a SUB and would like to connect a CD player as I have hundreds of music CDs. How can I do?

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I don't have a Play 5 but I understand it has a line in. So just connect a line out from a CD player to a line in on the Play 5.
Nick is correct, the play 5 does have the necessary line in jack to wire the CD player to it as a source. It is a multi stereo jack, so get the kind of cable that has the necessary jack at one end of it. Wire the CDP to either one of the 5 units.
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You might consider ripping all of your CDs and making the files available to Sonos as a local Music Library.

Once ripped you can put them on a Windows or Mac or on a NAS that supports SMB v1 networking. You can use a NAS to SMB v1 gateway to allow access to non-SMB v1 devices too.

I haven't had my CD storage cabinet open in several years since I did this.

Do rip to FLAC or other lossless format, you can convert to any other format from that with no additional quality losses.
Do make backups on a second device, accidents happen and having your efforts crash and burn hurts.
Thanks... Would you recommend any NAS model?
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You could build your own with a Raspberry Pi and a USB 3 Portable hard drive, that would be under £100.

I have a very old NAS that works fine for Sonos. Spent a few months ripping all of my 400 plus CD's. Did 10 to 20 a night on a laptop whilst watching TV. Then BACK up all that hard work!
WD My Cloud.
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Ripping CDs to a NAS or local drive gives alot of flexibility to your music. I've ripped most of my many CDs. But I've also kept the CDs as I am a collector and hoarder and would not want to get rid of them. They also act as a back up of last resort, as I've found that streaming services dont have some of my more eclectic choices.
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I recommend the Raspberry Pi option. Since you need SMB v1 using a NAS that has important data on it is kinda iffy. I liked WD but found them to have too short a supported lifetime to be a good value.

Right now I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a StarTech M.2 carrier board and a WD M.2 SSD. It has been rock solid for months, before the move to M.2 it was stable for years using a USB-SATA cable and an old 2.5 SSD.

I kept having problems locating my instructions herr in the forum so I put them up here: