Can Sonos control an XM reciever?

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I want to have XM radio throughtout my home and am planning to buy a Sonos system. I know I can plug the XM reciever into the Sonos but not sure how I would change the station when I am out of line of sight of the reciever. Any ideas?

Alternatively I could use my PC to access XM online but still not sure how to change the station.


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I would also like to see tighter integration between Sonos and XM. However, I think the way to go is for Sonos to strike a deal to 'stream' XM on-line radio. I'm not sure how they could otherwise allow channel selection.
This would be great... but in short: no, this isn't possible (hell, I wish I could control FM for starters).

And honestly, how can you not go with SIRIUS 😉 ? See ya,


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