Can I work with playbar and 1 play3?

  • 4 January 2017
  • 3 replies

I have a play3 and a Sub in my living room and i am considering to buy the playbar, both for TV as well as for music. With my living room it would be too much to have another play1 or play3 there, so i am wondering: can i stull get a kind of 5.1 experience when linking these 3 components together when watching a movie? Or would it technically not even be possible just to add one play3 to the playbar?

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3 replies

It is technically impossible to add just one. You could group them to play the same thing, but for TV sould the sync would not be exact.

I suspect that you are wrong to believr that the room wouldn't take full 5.1
Thanks John, so in order to enjoy the best possible surround sound i would need to buy another play1 or play3 to add to the setup?
Has to be a Play:3 given that is what you have already.