Can I do this with the Connect?

  • 10 January 2017
  • 2 replies

Hi all. I have hifi system set up in my lounge with a couple of record decks and a cassette player routed through an amp to a pair of wired speakers. I recently purchased a few Sonos speakers (playbar, play 5) for the same room for my "digital" music...the idea being to keep the two systems separate. However, looking at the Sonos Connect, I am wondering whether it is possible to merge the 2 systems by using an RCA cable from my amp's line out to the Connect's line in. What I don't know is as follows:

1) If I did this, would I hear the music from my record deck (for example) through both my wired speakers and the Sonos speakers or would the act of wiring up the Connect using the amp's line out result in the wired speakers being "shut off" by the amp?

2) If it is possible to hear the music through both the wired speakers and the Sonos speakers, would they be in sync or is it likely there would be a slight "lag" in sound reaching the Sonos speakers, thus rendering the whole setup as unworkable?

Thanks for and advice

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2 replies

1. Not as a result of anything Sonos is doing. I think you would have to consult the amp's manual. Do you have a TAPE REC output or anything of the sort because that should be fine.
2. You can play through any and all as you wish. The Connect and other speakers will sync perfectly. If there is a lagging issue it will be caused by audio processing in the amp. Might be fine but cannot be sure.

Sonos have a generous returns policy. You can return it if there are problems.
Thanks John, much appreciated