Can I add a router to a Boost Network to help my Wifi?

  • 1 November 2016
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I have a Boost network -- I am running ethernet to the most distant Sonos Connect ZP100 (I have a very wide ranch house and have a Play one, Sonos Connect amp Zp100 and regular Sonos connect ZP80 player scattered through house -- all work well with the Boost approach). My wifi for other devices (ipads, laptops, etc) is poor in the area where the ethernet connected Sonos ZP100 is located. So ... can I add another router to one of the free ethernet jacks on the back of the Sonos Connect ZP100 to provide better wifi to the other devices in that immediate area anything I should know about setup?


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2 replies

Yes you can, I'm doing exactly that in my house (really thick stone walls). The only thing you need to remember is that while you want the new router's Wi-Fi network you DON'T want it to be handing out IP addresses, so you need to switch off it's dhcp service, this may be done automatically if your router provides a specific access point mode or you may need to turn it off manually. Assign the new router an IP address that is outside your existing routers dhcp range but still on the same subnet as the existing router and network, then you won't risk another device picking up the address your second router is using.

Other than that should be straightforward. EDIT: forgot to say, make sure the new router uses a different wireless channel to the one your Sonos is using.
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You can add an access point to one of the Sonos ports.

You can also with an android device connect direct to the Sonosnet (which will be strong all through house).