Can a connect send different feeds to different play 3 speakers

  • 12 December 2016
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So I'm looking at two play 3 speakers and 1 connect

The idea is that i have 2 tvs in different rooms and underfloor cabling.
In 1 room I plan to have;
Play 3
Play connect
Smart TV connected to Play connect via optical output

Room 2:
Play 3
TV connected by phone cable underfloor to Play connect in room 1

So the question is, could I have both tvs playing the audio from each TV on each speaker in separate rooms.

Room 1 plays audio from TV in room 1 via play 3 speaker in room 1


Room 2 plays audio from TV in room 2 via play 3 speaker in room 2..

Phew...hope that makes sense...



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8 replies

Each Connect can only receive one input at a time.
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I don't think you can do any of the things your talking about.

First - the connect just has a single RCA analog input (it has no digital input only the Playbar has digital input)

For TV audio your best to have a Playbar for connecting to optical output of TV. Now the Playbar can then send that audio to any other Sonos speaker in the house as well.

The Sonos Play:5 as with the Connect has an analog input. If you were to use a Sonos analog input from TV it will also send to any other Sonos unit (there is slight 70ms delay so it means an echo if your using your TV speakers at the same time).

I'm not sure how you expect phone cable to come into play here.

With the cost of a Connect to send audio to a Play:3 speaker you would be better off with a Playbar to the TV or a Play:5 just stand alone.

Not completely certain why your trying to accomplish this.
Sorry meant phono cable....predictive text 😛
Thanks both for your comments...

Basically wanted both tvs to play audio separately and not have to buy 2 connects...

Didn't realise the connect only had optical output.

Don't really want a playbar due to a cost but also practicality as I like the movability of the play speakers.

So by the sounds of it I need 2 connectsecs or a play 5 and use the analogue input on the back...hmmm

Is it possible that if two play 3 speakers were connected through a connect to a tv that you can just send TV audio to one speaker and maybe use spotify to stream directly to the other speaker?
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Yes if no playbar then Play:5 would be next best bet vs. a connect and Play:3

If you have 2 Sonos speakers in the same room they can be paired as a stereo pair (one right and one left channel). In that case they would always play the same thing of course.

But if you have 2 Sonos speakers in the same room and have them set as 2 zones you can have them grouped together playing the same sound or playing independent sound at each speaker.
Awesome thanks chris!! Am I right in thinking that a play 5 only has headphone jack connector on the back? So would need to go phono from TV to headphone jack on play 5
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yes the Play:5 (gen2) has an input on the back that is 3.5mm (which people are familiar as a headphone style). If TV has RCA then you need an RCA to 3.5mm cable to hook to the input on the play:5 (pretty standard cable you may already have one).

The old Gen1 Play:5 had an input and a headphone output.
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