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I've just asked a question in french, but it seems it shoulf work better if I write in english. Sorry if my sentences are badly written.
Is it still possible to buy a Sonos bridge ? I cannot find any on Sonos website. I've just been to a store specialized in audio stuff, and I've been told to buy one, at 45 euros. It's much cheaper than a boost (which has the same utility ?).

I've just moved in a big house ans I need a bridge as a Wi-Fi relay for Sonos.

Thanks a lot !

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I'd recommend the BOOST, rather than the BRIDGE. Same functionality, updated components, better range. The BRIDGE uses SonosNet 1.0 (think 802.11b) and the BOOST uses SonosNet 2.0 (think 802.11g or n).
Thanks for your answer. I now understand the prices difference. But still, do you know if the bridge is still available on sales ?
I think that some stores may still carry it new in box, but I don't think Sonos has been making it for several years. It's not available on the Sonos website, for instance. It all depends on how quickly your local store sells their inventory.

By the way, there is a French language board for Sonos here: if you prefer :)

Good luck!
Great, thanks, I was a bit lost here ! Thank you for your answers :)
Heureux d'être utile!
By the way, there's some pretty good information in this thread that might help you:
Thanks again ! If I understand, the bridge tends to be obsolete since Sonos has improved its Wi-Fi possibilities. My english is not good enough to understand the whole conversation, but I'm going to do research about Sonosnet 2.0. And I will try my Sonos installation in my new house without bridge or boost first, anyway. But I want to understand how it works if it doesn't work well like this. Because life without music is so poor :)
I have an extra bridge you can have it for free if you pay shipping from USA
Hello, why not ! Thanks to propose. I'll try tonight without any WI-Fi relay and see if it works. If it doesn't, it could be interesting. I'll tell you :)
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There are a pile of Bridges on ebay, not sure how that would work for you but similar sites probably have a good supply too. Some folks found they didn't need a Bridge and other folks found the Boost was worth upgrading to.

If you have newer Sonos speakers that support SonosNet 2.0 I'd go with the Boost.
I definitely saw improvement when I went from a BRIDGE to a BOOST.
Thanks for theses extra answers. I installed my Sonos system and it all works without bridge. So that's a pretty good new. But the connexion in the room where is the Connect is not very good, I had to try several times befores it works. So I will still try with a bridge in the first place (my Connect is plugged on me Hi-fi system, I don't have any Sonos speakers in that room). If needed, I'll consider the boost, but I think (hope !) the bridge should be enough.

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