Button feedback volume

  • 22 April 2020
  • 1 reply

Is there a way to turn off the annoying button feedback sound off on the Sonos Amp when the your increase or decreased the volume?  I can hear how loud the audio is getting when I am turning the music up without hearing the much louder beep.  It wouldn’t be so bad even if it was at a lower volume.  If not this should be a setting to turn it off.

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1 reply

I assume the ‘bleep‘ sound you’re experiencing is coming from a TV connected via the HDMI-ARC port of the Amp?

The Amp can only play the audio that is being sent to it, so presumably this sound is coming from the connected HT entertainment device, so I would perhaps look to that device first, as being the potential cause of this sound and see if there is an option to switch it off in its settings, or if necessary, perhaps speak to the manufacturer’s customer support desk.