Bridge versus Boost

  • 4 August 2019
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What is the difference between the older Bridge device and the new Boost device? Do they perform the same function? Is there any functional improvement in upgrading from the Bridge to the Boost?

4 replies

Boost is hardly 'new' -- it's getting on for 5 years old -- but it is newer than Bridge.

Boost has better wireless than Bridge, benefitting from SonosNet 2.0 with its improved range and resilience. Moreover Boost was designed to have better interference rejection, such as when it's placed close to a WiFi router.

Over the years it's emerged that Bridge power supplies can gradually weaken with age, giving rise to intermittent connectivity problems which can be hard to track down.

If you have a Bridge and it's working fine you may choose to leave it in place, otherwise Sonos have a FAQ detailing the options.
Thanks! That is really helpful.
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Recently switched from the Bridge to a Boost and I believe the connectivity is much better.

Had some random dropouts before and now it is rock solid.
I think it is better too. I had no problem switching it when I followed others' instructions. It would be nice if the Sonos support included such information. I find the official site often opaque.