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  • 20 August 2019
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I currently running a Sonos Bridge and groups of speakers in different rooms at my house. I also have an external surround sound stereo system with 4 speakers on my back deck. I want to integrate the external system/speakers with my Sonosnet. If I connect a Sonos Connect to my external system, will I be able to connect it to my Bridge or router wirelessly to get it on Sonosnet?

I’m trying to avoid hardwiring an Ethernet from the Connect to the bridge/router.

Best answer by Stanley_4 20 August 2019, 00:48

Yes, that is what the Connect does.
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3 replies

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Yes, that is what the Connect does.
Thanks, wasn’t sure if it required a hard connection to my router or bridge. Off to the Best Buy I go.
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Beware Best Buy, check the manufacture date of your Sonos before you take it home.

They sold me stuff that had been sitting in a steel storage container in Phoenix for two summers. It failed in short order and it was hard to convince Sonos I'd just bought it, the tech was helpful but a bit skeptical.