bose outdoor speakers with connect amp

  • 29 April 2014
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can i use the connect amp to power two sets of bose 151 speakers (4 speakers in total)? the bose 151 outdoor speakers are 40W IEC and 4 olhms

3 replies

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It is possible, however you would need to use a speaker switch with an impedance matching or protection circuit, to ensure that the impedance of the Connect:AMP's output does not drop below 4 ohms. Also make sure that the switch will work with 4 ohm speakers too, as some require speakers of at least 8 ohms.

If you were to simply connect both pairs of speakers directly to the Connect:AMP, you would essentially be cutting the impedance in half, resulting in an output of just 2 ohms, which could overload the amplifier in the unit, causing a fault until resolved.

For more info on these items, see these two Sonos Support articles:
Connecting 4 speakers to Connect:AMP
Using a Speaker Selector Switch
OK Thank you.  So it doesn't sound like that speaker would be best suited for this amp.  What I should maybe ask; what outdoor speakers would you recommend for this amp?  I would like to have (2) sets of speakers (one for either side of my house).  
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If you were to use just one pair of those Bose speakers, it would be fine. It's two pairs that creates the problem.

As to recommending other speakers, this is probably better answered by someone else. I don't have a Connect:AMP, and have never looked into outdoor speakers for any reason since I live in a condo. If anyone else has any outdoor speaker recommendations, 8 ohms or higher (so two pairs can be used with Sonos), please reply here.