• 19 October 2016
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When wifi goes down can I listen to the music I have on my MAC?

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8 replies

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Should be able to

What's Bluetooth got to do with it?
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As long as your router still works.
No Bluetooth with sonos.
I think it might work without the router, and an Ethernet cable into the mac, hopefully someone can confirm that.
I think the question was more "HOW do I listen to the music stored on my mac?"...
If there is no WiFi because the router is dead, the only way is to use an RCA cable to the line in jack of such Sonos kit that has this jack. Sonos does not do BT.
I think he means "internet" rather than "Wi-Fi".
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As others have said, Sonos players don’t have built in Bluetooth, but there are still some ways to get music playing on them if you lose connection to the Internet.

Sonos can’t be controlled unless you’re on the wireless or using a computer wired into the network. If you lose the wireless entirely, you’d need to be able to connect to your players to control Sonos a different way. To confirm what Paulw123 said, you could wire your computer to a Sonos component directly to play the music stored locally on the computer. Here’s some details on how to setup Sonos to play music right from your computer.

If your Internet goes out but the wireless network is still providing a network connection, you should still be able to connect to Sonos, but it will not be able to play online services. Your music library on the Mac computer should work perfectly fine in this manner, without any adjustments.

As Kumar suggested, if you have a Sonos player with a line-in, you can use that with any audio source with a 3.5mm audio output (standard headphone port). Here’s our FAQ on using the line in.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

You seem to be missing your "Sonos Staff" label Chris. Good to see some new staff involvement though!
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You seem to be missing your "Sonos Staff" label Chris. Good to see some new staff involvement though!

Good catch, that was my bad 🙂