Blue Note PLAY:1 Issues completing order

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Due to overwhelming interest in the PLAY:1Blue Note Special Edition, some customers are experiencing issues completing their transaction on our website. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible and will provide a further update soon.

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Thank you. I paid via PayPal and got a PayPal confirmation, but not anything from Instead, I received an error message stating: "There was a problem with your request. Please contact Sonos Sales to complete your order.". I am trying to call your sales department, but get nothing but a busy signal. I'd like to know whether or not my order went through. 😞
I have been attempting to purchase this since 15 seconds after 1:00pm ET to no avail.  Really stinks customers that wanted this might not be able to get it due to issues on your website.  Hope you will ensure all those who wanted one can get one.
Same problem - same error message.
anyone have any luck?
Not via their website. I finally managed to get a hold of a very friendly customer support representative who apologized for the website problems and took my order over the phone.
None.  Very disappointing.
Not here, been trying since 10 am on the dot and nothing busy signals and errors online.  Pretty disappointing.  Im going to guess they are sold out by now and we'll have to find them on ebay at twice the price.  Way to go Sonos.......
I've been waiting for a month. Error, error, error. Waited an hour. Error. Went away for 15min. Sold out. Thanks a lot! Now I have to get it from eBay for an extra 100$.
how do you kno that it's sold out now??
"€ 250

Qty                                     1                                     2                             
Sold out. Due to the nature of limited edition products, the PLAY:1 Blue Note Limited Edition is no longer available."
I still see the "add-to-cart" on the bluenote so I don't think they are sold out yet. Keep trying the phone number as it seems that may be the only reliable way to secure one of these at the moment.
User79, can you give me a link?
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Appears cart will add from this screen - its just real slow
It's sold out in Europe, but not in the US? I'm getting even more pissed off now.

$ 250
In stock
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Europe ordering started earlier today.  US just started 47 minutes ago
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Changing my browser to other languages shows available UK etc.
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surge appears to have subsided - website running faster now from what I can see
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I can't go as far as checking that since I got my order in during the 1st minute.
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When I hit submit order then though it took probably 30 seconds before the acknowledge screen came up.
Lucky you.  I continue to hit submit order, wait 2 minutes, then get the Order Error.
I work in IT, I feel for the techs that are scrambling to get this mess fixed.  Still, shame on you Sonos for not being prepared...not only a waste of an hour of time but a complete disservice to your loyal customers.  I have many Sonos products and was really looking forward to this release.
Now website says sold out.  US.  That's just fantastic.  What a great waste of an hour.  I continue to hope Sonos will do the right thing by its customers who waited all this time to try and buy one of their products.
Website now says you have to call in to order....
Yup. I don't think it is sold out yet. This is what it says:

Due to unprecedented demand, our online shop is currently unable to process orders for the Blue Note Limited Edition PLAY:1. We are taking orders via the phone, please call us to reserve your product while supplies last. You can reach us at 800.680.2345 - call volumes are extremely high so please expect long hold times.