Blown speaker in my play 3

  • 22 October 2016
  • 2 replies

Morning all. So i have a pretty good set up in the house, 4 ceiling speakers downstairs linked to a sonos amp, 4 upstairs linked to another sonos amp and a play 3 which rides solo so can move around where necessary as we often have gatherings at the house. PROBLEM... i think one of the speakers has blown in my play 3. How is this possible? and do i now have to go and buy a whole new unit or can it be repaired? I haven't had it that long and have no receipt so i'm pretty screwed but i never imagined that it would blow that quick or at all due to the quality of snons products.Has anyone else experienced this? I was going to buy a sonos playbar on the run up to christmas but am not sure as they seem to have a shelf life of over a year then they break. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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2 replies

I'm trying to attach a video of it but the site wont let me upload as it says 'The CSRF token could not be verified'?
All electronic devices will have a small percentage of failures, it's unrealistic to expect any device of this nature to have zero failures ever bit that doesn't mean there's a general problem with the entire range. There also no indication that Playbars are regularly failing just over a year old.

Call Sonos support, they should be able to tell when the device was registered, so you won't need a receipt necessarily.