Behringer phone preamp with ZP100

  • 28 December 2020
  • 5 replies

Has anyone successfully connected their turntable to a ZP100 using the Behringer PP400? I’m on my second unit and getting nowhere. I have a Dual 604 with a Shure M75ED cartridge which works fine with my separates system and I’m struggling to believe they could supply two faulty preamps!!!


Any help appreciated.

5 replies

Can you connect the PP400 to your separates as a line level input?

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I may be stating the obvious but you are selecting line in from the Sonos app, it’s in the browse tab. Buzz’s suggestion would establish that the preamp is actually working.


Buzz, I’ll try that shortly  

Yes,  I can select line input on the app. 

Ive even tried another ZP100 in case it was a faulty Sonos amp. 

thanks for your interest. 


Hi Buzz

just set it up at line level and it works through my quad pre-amp. 

So pp400 is working, just not with Sonos???

Make sure that you are connecting the PP400’s output to LIne-In on the ZP100, not Line-Out. (been there, done that, it’s dark back there.) Also, make sure that the RCA plugs are fully seated in Line-In.

More silly things: Is the controller screen indicating that you have selected an “Audio Component” from the Room where PP400 is connected? Is the ZP100 Muted? Volume set at a reasonable level?